"Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination"


What does this mean to you?

First off.. it struck me that life is a continuum. You can’t pause life to think or take time off, it goes on. If we can’t be stuck in any point in time.. then life is a journey, and every event is ongoing, happening. One event finishes and the next one starts.

The world  doesn’t stop for anybody.

In A Thousand Splendid Suns, they say.. “Zindagi Migzara” – life goes on. If it is so, wouldn’t it be silly for us to worry about petty failures and waste the day? It would be wiser to accept life, enjoy it in the moment and look ahead to the future.

After all if you are miserable now, and your ‘now’ will be your past the next second..you’re choosing to have a miserable past.

Choose to be content now, grateful to God for everything. You can be successful at what you do..but don’t stop there. You could be a failure at what you do.. but don’t stop there.

Life is a journey.. successes and failures aren’t an end..make sure to be content now, and and flow with life..never stopping, never giving up.