Embrace gender equity: Our Gen X and Gen Z Speak Up


Kandy TSANG, Captain of HKUST Women’s Soccer Team 


Prof. Emily NASON, Director of Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions 


Jeffrey NG, Captain of HKUST Men’s Basketball Team 


James PRINCE, Diversity and Equal Opportunities Officer 

Why do adults keep getting dolls and pink clothes for girls? What do people think about women soccer players? Are men always expected to pay on the first date? Gender stereotypes continue to exist in modern society, but are there generational differences in views on gender roles? In celebration of International Women’s Day 2023  and to explore some food for thought on this year’s theme #EmbraceEquity, we have asked our Gen X staff and Gen Z students to share their take on society’s expectations for men and women. Watch the video to find out if their everyday experiences resonate with you!

If you want to learn more about HKUST’s diversity and equal opportunities campaign, be sure to check out the newly launched HKUST Diversity and Equality Opportunities website for the University’s latest diversity initiatives. You are also welcome to let us know your suggestions related to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities via the Suggestion Box!

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