We offer multidisciplinary smart city solutions to environmental and other challenges brought upon by rapid urbanization, helping to achieve sustainable urban development and improve the quality of urban life.

AI-powered Weather Prediction System  image

An international and multidisciplinary research team has developed a real-time AI-powered extreme weather and landslide warning system to mitigate the risks and damage of landslides in Hong Kong, setting a benchmark for landslide-prone regions around the world.

Air Purification Technology  image

Our researchers have developed an air purification system that removes 99% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including influenza (H1N1, H3N2), EV71 and deadly MERS-Cov. The technology can be incorporated into a wide range of products and applied to areas such as the purification of sewage discharge.

PRAISE-HK Air Quality App image

The newly-launched mobile app provides real-time air quality and health risk information and 48-hour forecasts down to street level, helping users reduce their exposure to outdoor air pollutants.

Smart Urban Water Supply Systems image

The aging urban water supply systems (UWSS) are challenged by urban growth and climate change worldwide. Our theme-based research program aims to develop pioneering methodologies that will assist the design, operation, monitoring, and diagnostic repair of UWSS, potentially benefiting 3 billion people globally.

Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab  image

This new initiative transforms our campus into a testing ground for learning, experimenting, and advancing innovative ideas to address real-life sustainability challenges. Multiple smart and cross-disciplinary projects developed by our faculty, staff, students, and alumni will contribute to building Hong Kong into a world-class sustainable and smart city.