The pursuit of economic growth often leads to environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources. We strive to preserve our scarce natural resources by developing new technologies and generating policy-relevant solutions.

E-Fuel Energy Storage System image

Our scientist leads a large-scale research project to develop an energy storage system that incorporates electrically rechargeable liquid fuels known as e-fuels. It helps to address existing challenges preventing the widespread use of renewable energy due to the intermittent nature of solar and wind energy.

Diagnosing Our Oceans image

A HKUST multidisciplinary research team investigates the driving forces of the increasing eutrophication and hypoxia in Hong Kong coastal waters, contributing toward government policy by providing a scientifically-based strategy for stabilizing or reversing the problem for a more sustainable marine environment.

Remodeling Central Chiller Plant image

We have upgraded our central chiller plant, which adopts a seawater-cooled central chilling technology into a district cooling system, to provide air-conditioning to expanded infrastructure, helping to save millions of dollars and over 20 percent of energy consumption.

SANI Wastewater Treatment Project image

Our sewage treatment technology SANI - Sulphate reduction, Autotrophic denitrification and Nitrification Integrated Process - minimizes the adverse environmental impact of sewage treatment by eliminating 90% of sewage sludge production, cutting down sewage treatment cost by 50% and also greenhouse-gas emission by 35%.

Vessel Emission Sensor image

A new sensor system designed to detect pollutants from vessels is capable of measuring real-time vessel fuel Sulphur content in 2 minutes with an accuracy rate of over 90%. The senor-equipped drones will help enforce the tightened Air Pollution Control (Fuel for Vessels) Regulation more effectively.