We provide a breeding ground for nascent entrepreneurs who aspire to become the global leaders of tomorrow and create a positive impact on the world

Entrepreneurship Minor Program

This undergraduate program aims to cultivate a risk-taking value-creation mindset by building skills, enhancing hands-on experience to pursue entrepreneurship and identify critical stages in a startup.

MSc in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (TLE)

This program marries both entrepreneurship and technology, providing a coherent path that emphasizes innovation and leadership. Students are provided with interdisciplinary opportunities that emphasizes a route beyond research.


A full list of seminars, lectures, and project courses available throughout the academic year.


Assistance, advice, and events to get your innovative ideas incubated


Get to know the mentors who are dedicated to helping you grow your companies and provide you with guidance on vision and strategy. We pair you with mentors who are serial entrepreneurs, VC, or alumni.


Annual competitions that provide participants with a chance to introduce their business plans to an international panel of investors and executives, establishing themselves within our University and in Hong Kong.

Opportunities on Campus
Opportunities on Campus

Discover the many opportunities on campus that provide entrepreneurial education and training.


Bring our business ideas to test in real world settings

Our Startups   photo
Our Startups

A directory of startups that have been created and are associated with our University.

Incubation photo

Our incubation program aims to facilitate knowledge diffusion and technology transfer that stimulates the creation of startup companies, encouraging innovation-based entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurship Events photo
Entrepreneurship Events

Our events help you enhance your entrepreneurial competencies, ideation process, and execution capability.


Read about the amazing ways in which our discoveries and inventions have changed our way of life

Success Stories

Read about the amazing ways in which our discoveries and inventions have changed our way of life.