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Why the Universities in Hong Kong?

As an internationally renowned city exhibiting vibrance and cultural heritage, Hong Kong has long been a top destination for international travellers. The unparalleled modernity and advancement of the city are also manifested in the universities of Hong Kong. Whether it is to experience a completely different culture or to advance in studies and research, enrolling in the universities of Hong Kong would be a wise choice to feel the momentum of the city by living and spending a wonderful time in Hong Kong.

Overview of the Universities of Hong Kong

Universities of Hong Kong are popular among international students, both from the East and the West, as the Universities of Hong Kong are renowned for their academic excellence, multicultural school life and promising learning opportunities. The 11 universities of Hong Kong include the Hong Kong university of Science and Technology(HKUST), the university of Hong Kong, the Chinese university of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Polytechnic university, the City university of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Baptist university, the Hong Kong Metropolitan university, the Hong Kong Shue Yan university, Lingnan university, the Education university of Hong Kong and the Hang Seng university of Hong Kong. Together with the other higher education institutions, the universities of Hong Kong offer a wide range of quality programmes from sub-degree to doctoral levels for local and international students.

Universities of Hong Kong - World-class Institutions for Higher Education

The oldest among the universities of Hong Kong have been engaging in high education programmes for over a century. With younger universities of Hong Kong burgeoning in the last 50 years, the landscape of tertiary education in Hong Kong has been painted substantially with many more colours. It is not to be omitted that the younger universities of Hong Kong are highly competitive as these universities of Hong Kong can often be seen on the list of the Quacquarelli Symonds(QS) World university Rankings.

Three of the above-mentioned universities of Hong Kong were ranked within the top 50 of the QS World university Rankings 2022 in which 1,300 universities from around the world were featured. The universities of Hong Kong among the top 50 included the Hong Kong university of Science and Technology(34th), the university of Hong Kong(22nd), and the Chinese university of Hong Kong(39th). The other two universities of Hong Kong that were listed in the top 100 were the City university of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic university,

The universities of Hong Kong offer a wide range of academic programmes that cover various disciplines, covering fields science research to language expertise, and from hospitality to business administration.

HKUST - the university with Academic Excellence

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(HKUST) was established in 1991. It was founded with a vision to build a new, research-focused university to support Hong Kong’s goal as a hub of finance and technological advancement in Asia. To sustain and further enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness among other Asian major cities such as Tokyo, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei, the city had to bolster its thriving industries with new blood. Backed by the unique status of Hong Kong as a special administrative region of China, HKUST and other universities of Hong Kong were developed to fuel the country’s reform.

As of today, HKUST has earned major achievements in world rankings and become a global powerhouse in tertiary education. The university continues to make substantial contributions to Hong Kong’s realm of life science, engineering, business education, humanities and social science, and much more.

The Hub for Scientific Breakthrough

As suggested by its name(Science and Technology), HKUST is a leading institution in education and the creation of new knowledge through scientific breakthroughs. Many new research and projects of the university focus on the solutions for critical issues challenging Hong Kong, the region and even the world. Researchers, teachers and students at HKUST work hand in hand to develop innovative approaches to help address such issues with results not only benefiting themselves but the whole of mankind.

Some of the latest research outcomes include studies on the COVID-19 pandemic. In view of the pressing need of the city to control the spread of the virus, HKUST has made contributions to the prevention, mitigation, treatment and policy-making to curb the situation of the pandemic in Hong Kong.

Apart from local research, HKUST has joined hands with many institutions of China, especially those in the Greater Bay Area. The Greater Bay Area, including Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan, is the main powerhouse in the present age of innovation. The Guangzhou HKUST Fok Ying Tung Research Institute, the HKUST Shenzhen Research Institute, the HKUST LED-FPD Technology R&D Center at Foshan, HKUST (Guangzhou) Campus and the HKUST Shenzhen–Hong Kong Collaborative Innovation Research Institute (SHCIRI) are the up and coming partnerships that elevate the university’s significance in innovative research.

A Vibrant university Life at HKUST

As a globally-oriented university, HKUST houses more than 14,000 students from all walks of life and all corners of the world. HKUST is committed to fostering academic originality, innovative spirit, open-mindedness, and a can-do attitude. With a vision of being a leading university with significant international impact and strong local commitment, HKUST invests much of its effort in talent development to advance learning and knowledge through teaching and research.

Built on the Clear Water Bay Peninsula with a world-class view of the seafront, HKUST offers students and staff an ideal environment for knowledge exchange. The location of HKUST allows its members to enjoy the beauty of nature without missing the city’s dramatic life. The university provides plenty of opportunities for students to relax and enhance their well-being with facilities and amenities. Such student-centred philosophy has fostered a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle to effectively manage life, learning, and work.

Enrol in the degree programmes and experience the fun and fruitful student life today at HKUST. For more details about the programmes offered and life at HKUST, visit the university’s official website at

Do universities in Hong Kong offer English courses?

With the exception of Chinese language and literature courses, all HKU courses are taught in English. The arts, humanities, business, engineering, sciences, and social sciences are all taught

Universities in Hong Kong

Education is regarded as an essential component of social development in Hong Kong. Higher education refers to education beyond secondary school, including technical, professional, and academic programs. This is the highest level of education available in the country. The country currently has 8 public universities and 6 private universities. Private universities charge more than public universities. There are currently over 20,000 foreign students, and 56% of the population has a university degree. When you finish your studies, feel free to apply for jobs; there are thousands available.

Hong Kong's Best Universities and Colleges

The universities, colleges, medical schools, engineering schools, and law schools in Hong Kong are well-known and highly regarded in the academic and educational communities, and they continue to provide esteemed Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. programmes for intelligent, ambitious adventurers like you. Feel free to select from some of the most competitive degrees offered by Hong Kong's top colleges.

Hong Kong University

Hong Kong, a Chinese Special Administrative Region, has one of the world's strongest economies. It is also a densely populated area, with residents and workers of all nationalities. Hong Kong universities are ranked among the best in Asia and excel in fields such as business (particularly MBAs) and medicine. Students can choose from a variety of English-taught programs, and they have a good chance of receiving financial assistance — the local government and universities offer numerous scholarships to attract top students. Because English is the official language, it should be simple to get around, explore monuments and amusement parks, and appreciate the beauty of this technologically advanced region.

Universities in Hong Kong

Education is viewed as a crucial component of societal development in Hong Kong. When we discuss higher education, we mean any type of education that comes after secondary school, including academic, technical, and professional education. In this nation, this is the highest level of schooling. The nation now has 6 private institutions and 8 public universities. Higher tuition fees are associated with private institutions than public ones. At the moment, 56% of the population holds a university degree, and there are more than 20,000 foreign students. Thousands of employment are available when your studies are complete, so feel free to apply.

Top International Universities in Hong Kong

Based on their places in the overall Best Global Universities rankings, these Hong Kong universities have been rated numerically. Members of the academic community from throughout Asia and the world rated and assessed schools based on their success in research. These are the top global universities in Hong Kong.

Which universities in Hong Kong are the most well-liked?

being chartered, licensed, or authorized by the relevant organization associated to HK higher education

offering postgraduate degrees or at least four-year undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) (master or doctoral degrees)

primarily utilizing a traditional, face-to-face, non-distance education approach for the delivery of courses

Instead of using information supplied by the universities themselves, our goal is to offer a non-academic League Table of the top HK Universities based on reliable, objective, and unaffected online indicators.

Universities in Hong Kong are free.

Universities in Hong Kong are not free. However, universities, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government, and other organizations offer financial aid to deserving students in the bachelor's/cycle master's and, less frequently, the doctoral cycle. The HKSAR Government Scholarship, The Belt and Road Scholarship, Private Higher Education Fund Grants, and the Hong Kong PhD Scholarship Program are a few examples of such scholarships. The cost of education is partially or entirely covered by grants, and a fellowship program for doctoral students offers extra money for study abroad visits. Additionally, there are distinct pages on grants and financial help on university websites that go into more depth about the present opportunities available to applicants.

Universities in Hong Kong have advantages

global rankings Despite the modest number of universities in Hong Kong, 5 of the 8 state universities there made it into the QS ranking of the top 100 universities in the world for 2021[1]. The first of the five, the University of Hong Kong, is ranked 22nd, and the last of the five, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, is ranked 75th. Along with Hong Kong University of Science & Technology and Hong Kong City University, which took the second and fourth spots, respectively, in the QS ranking of the Top 50 under 50 in 2020, the latter was also rated eighth. In the category of the best young universities in the world in 2019, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology came in first place. This demonstrates that universities are respected globally for their quality and competitiveness.

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World-class university in Hong Kong and Asia|HKUST

As one of the top universities in Hong Kong and Asia, HKUST is a world-class international research university dedicated to cutting-edge education and research.

Universities in Hong Kong in Response to the Changing Hong Kong FinTech Landscape

In response to the changing Hong Kong FinTech landscape, universities are developing programs in talent development and strategic cooperation in education and research. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has been making contributions to the Hong Kong FinTech industry through extensive partnerships and connections.

Top Universities in Hong Kong for Employability

In Global Employability University Ranking 2022, 3 Hong Kong universities are ranked in the top 100. Their rankings are shown below: 30th - the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 47th - the University of Hong Kong and 94th - the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The result indicated that these 3 universities are the best for students’ career development, by teaching essential skills that students need to thrive in the workplace.


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World’s Top 50 Young Universities Under 50 2021 in QS World University Rankings
Global University Employability Ranking 2021 (No.2 in Greater China, No.1 in Hong Kong) in Emerging/Trendence, published by Times Higher Education
World’s Top 1500 Universities 2023 (No. 3 in Hong Kong) in QS World University Rankings

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